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esTherapy Client Testimonials

I have worked successfully with a wide range of clients, with a variety of presenting issues.  In particular I specialises in hypnotherapy for weigh loss and stress relief.

This page displays just a few of my client’s personal stories.

Esther helped me to lose weight, she came to my home and once I was settled on my sofa and the room was quiet and dark Esther started with the hypnotherapy. I found the whole experience to be very relaxing and although I had 3 sessions with her I noticed my eating habits had changed dramatically after the first session... one of my problems was feeling that I needed to eat everything on my plate yet after only the first session I was able to break from this habit and stop eating once I felt full.  I have recommended Esther to my friends such is my belief in her abilities to help people.
SB, Windsor

I contacted Esther after years of trying different diets and fads that friends had told me about and also what I had read about in the magazines. I remember watching a few years ago Paul Mckenna and how successful people had been with the hypnotherapy weight loss. I met with Esther and felt comfortable and ease straight away after my first session I could see small changes in my eating habits. I then had another 2 sessions and finally I had mastered not to eat when i wasn't hungry, not to finish the food on my plate when I was full, and eat more healthily. With Esther's help and the focus on losing weight and becoming fitter people soon started to notice the change in my eating habits and my willingness to do more exercise. I have lost a total of 3 stone in a 6 month period, also I joined a running group and before I would not have been able to run more than a half a mile and now I am running 3 times a week doing 5 miles each time.
NE, Windsor

I decided to use esTherapy because after years for trying i had trouble conceiving. I also had a fear of flying. After discussion, I opted for 4 sessions of childhood regression. Firstly I found this to be a very relaxing experience. I talked about memories from when I was so young I had to confirm they were actually true memories with my mum! Other than feeling very relaxed I didn't feel any different. Roughly a month after the therapy was completed I went on holiday, for the first time in my life I wasn't scarred on the plane, just very calm. When I returned from holiday I announced I was pregnant. I was delighted with the results and believe I wouldn't have achieved this with esTherapy.
SB, High Wycombe